How Do I Troubleshoot my Brother Printer that is in Error State Error?

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How Do I Troubleshoot my Brother Printer that is in Error State Error?
How Do I Troubleshoot my Brother Printer that is in Error State Error?

Brother printer is one of the outstanding devices, and it is one of the world-renowned brands used by millions of customers to meet their unique printing needs.

However, there are various issues experienced by users while working with Brother printers in real-time. Some error messages and codes also appear on the LCDs of these printers.

If you are the person who is thinking about why my Brother printer is in an error state, this blog is specially curated for you. Also, we will help you know the best way to fix your brother’s printer.

What are the Common Reasons for Your Brother’s Printer Error State?

If your printer is displaying – Printer is in an error state and unable to print anything, it’s time to understand some reasons that are given below to help you know what makes your Brother’s printer faulty.

  • BIOS issue
  • Virus attack or malware
  • Connectivity issues or lack of high-speed internet connection
  • Corrupted or outdated printer drivers
  • USB wires are not properly placed
  • Problems with parallel ports
  • Problems with Windows system files
  • The printer hardware is not working properly

What are the Ways to Fix a Brother Printer That is in Error Condition?

If your Brother MFC printer is showing some errors and doesn’t allow you to print, there is no need to worry, and you can check the above reasons for this issue. Other than this, you can check out the following steps to make your printer is working.

  1. If you’ve connected your Brother printer with Windows 10 and have issues while printing, you can restore your device by checking some online videos and following the instructions that are given in your printer user’s manual.
  2. Make sure the printing sheets are not stuck inside the device and are placed correctly in the printer.
  3. You can experience such issues if your internet connection is extremely poor or unstable. To fix this problem, try to get a good internet speed and after that restart your printer again.
  4. Disconnect all power cables and USBs if the problem is associated with cables or connectors.
  5. If the printer is showing “printer is in an error state”, you can uninstall the drivers and install them again to resolve this issue.
  6. Run troubleshooting to fix any kind of issues.
  7. If the printer is well-connected with power supplies and the router, you can check your device against malware or virus attacks because these problems or threats always make it challenging for users to print. The best way to address this complication is to install antivirus software in your system because it provides one of the best internet securities against viruses, ransomware, attacks, or hijackers.
  8. Another option is to fix the settings of your parallel port, and the steps that are mentioned below:

1. Open the Device Manager

2. Choose the Parallel Port and click on this option twice and open properties

3. Select the Port Settings and click on the Use Any Interrupt assigned to the port

4. Finally, click on the OK button to save new changes.

9. Check the spooler of your printer if it is in an error state. For this, you can check the given steps to fix your Brother printer.

  •  Press R with Windows keys together.
  • Type service MSC in the command tab
  • Scroll down and click on the Printer Spooler option twice.
  • Set this option to automatic, and you need to make changes in the setting if required
  • Click on the recovery tab. Now, if you are able to see the “first failure” option, change it to restart the device.
  • Lastly, press the apply button to troubleshoot the error state issue.

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