How to Fix Alignment Failed Errors in HP Printer?

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How to Fix Alignment Failed Errors in HP Printer?

The “HP printer alignment failed” error occurs when cartridges are not aligned correctly in the device. With this error, you may be unable to print anything. To avoid this issue, you can either replace the ink cartridges with authentic HP ink cartridges or follow other solutions that are given below.

Solutions to Fix HP Printer Alignment Failed Error

Check the Ink Levels

The low ink level can be one of the main causes of the HP alignment failure error. That’s why it is suggested to use only genuine cartridges because they provide a sufficient level of ink and help you get the level estimation with the HP Smart app.

Clean the Dirty Printhead

Another reason for alignment failure is your HP printer’s dirty printhead which should be cleaned appropriately. Otherwise, it would be challenging for you to gain excellent printing quality.

In order to clean the printhead, take a dry cloth, warm water, some paper towels, and a spare plastic container to ensure that nozzles and the printer are dust-free.

After successfully cleaning your dirty printhead, you can remove the cartridges from the printer and let them rest for at least 10 to 20 minutes. If there is any ink available on the sides of the printhead, you can clean that area as well, and after that, you can restart your device again to ensure that the HP printer is working fine.

Contact the Technical Team

At Printers Hut, we have tech ninjas who can quickly fix your HP printer alignment failed issues. Please contact us to schedule a quick call at 1-602-830-2777, or you can discuss your concerns via

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