How to fix Hp Error 49.38.07?

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How to fix Hp Error 49.38.07
How to fix Hp Error 49.38.07?

If you are using an HP printer, the 49.38.07 (or 49.38.07 (4a04) warning could be displayed on the printer’s display. This code indicates a kind of error that is unique or exceptional. It is possible that the HP error message 49.38.07 could be because of the incorrect firmware version on your HP device, or for various other different reasons as well. To fix the 49.38.07 error message on your HP device, you can try different strategies, including changing the firmware of your printer or deleting all jobs that are being processed and then restarting it.

Below we have provided an extensive list of options you could apply to get rid of HP error code 49.38.07:

Fix 1:

Update the Hp Printer’s Firmware

This HP error 49.38.07 can be fixed by updating the firmware on your device. This issue is usually because of the outdated version of firmware and is in desperate need of an update.

If you’d like to upgrade the firmware on your HP printer using USB/Flash Drive you can download the firmware to the printer, and then plug the firmware into the HP device. Hold the stop button of the printer until you can see your Ready, Data, and Attention LED lights flashing.

We’ve provided step-by-step instructions below that you can follow to update the firmware with the USB drive:

    • Visit the official site of HP.
    • Download the most recent version of firmware available, and save it to the “Flash Drive”.
    • Press the “Stop” button, and then hold it for a few seconds.
    • You’ll see the “Ready”,” Data” and “Attention” lights blinking.
    • Scroll down with the arrow keys to reach the “Administrator Menu”.
    • Press the “Ok” key.
    • In the “Administration Menu,” there is the option “Download option”. Select it.
    • Then click on the “OK” option.
    • Insert your “USB” as well as “Flash Drive” which contains the firmware file that has the “.bdl” extension.

The process of downloading can take up to a few minutes. After the download is completed you can press the “Next” button in order to download the latest firmware version to the “WJA” repository.

After completing these steps, the HP error 49.38.07 is likely to have been resolved.

Fix 2:

Clear the Printer’s Printing Queue

This error 49.38.07 in the HP Printer can be corrected by deleting all current jobs that are in processing. This could also result in the removal of the memory of the printer. If you’re not sure about how to get rid of the print queue, follow the steps below:

    • Move to the “Devices and Printers” category within the “Control Panel”.
    • Left-click your printer’s icon. In this instance, it’s an HP symbol for the printer.
    • You’ll see the choices. Click upon”See What’s Printing” and then click on the “See the Printing” option.
    • Simply click on”Printer” in the “Printer” option.
    • Select the option “Cancel all Documents”.
  • If you don’t see any queued jobs, reconnect your printer. If your printer is printing documents after this, your HP error 49.38.07 might have been resolved.

Fix 3:

Restart your HP Printer

To correct the issue 49.38.07 for HP printers, attempt restarting the device. Check and see if you’ve removed all cable connections connected to the printer. This will aid in diagnosing the issue. To get a better understanding of how to start your printer follow the steps listed below:

    • First, clear the printing queue, and ensure that the printing queue is empty and that no jobs are completed.
    • Switch off the HP printer.
    • Unplug all cable networks connected to the printer.
    • Clean the cables and ports on your HP device using a dry cloth.
    • Connect the cables to the printer.
    • Restart your HP device once more.

This technique can resolve the HP error code 49.38.07. To confirm that the error is not there, you can print one test page.

To Summarize it all

In the final section of the article, we can conclude that the 49.38.07 might be due to a myriad of causes like an excessive amount of network traffic inside the printer’s network, complicated printing tasks, or even an incorrect version of the firmware. To avoid this issue, we suggest that you upgrade the printer’s firmware on the HP site and after that, download it to your computer. Along with it, reboot the HP device to reset the memory and also clear all print jobs.

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