How to Setup Brother Wireless Printer on Windows and iPad?

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How to Setup Brother Wireless Printer on Windows and iPad?
How to Setup Brother Wireless Printer on Windows and iPad?

Do you have a Brother wireless printer? Are you aware of how to connect this printer with iPad and Windows? If not, you should stay on our blog and learn how to set up Brother Wireless printers on Windows and iPad.

Steps to Setup Brother Wireless Printer on Windows 10

  • Visit the official website of Brother printer to add or download its driver; after that, follow the given instructions, if any available on the site, and extract the files after downloading the driver. Double click on the downloaded file to execute this task and open a Zip Self Decompression window.
  • When you open a Zip Self Decompression Window, you need to follow this path: Browse->Select a path name->Decompress->Ok. After the completion of this step, you can note down the path on your file because you may need it in the future.
  • Now, connect your Brother printer with Windows 10 on your computer and ensure that the device is linked to the network. If the machine is not connected with the network, you need to follow this path: Start->all applications->Windows System->Control Panel>View Devices and Printers>Add a Printer. After this step, your computer machine will find the wireless printers and let you know the list of available printers within its reach.
  • If you are unable to check the name of your Brother printer in the list, you need to check the setting of your firewall or any other antivirus software that you’ve installed in your system. You can even reboot your computer or take assistance from the network administrator or the PC manufacturer to fix this issue.
  • Now, consider this oath: Have Disk->Browse>Select a destination folder->Open->Ok->Choose your printer model->Next
  • If the driver is already installed and this message appears on the screen, select the option “Replace the current Driver” and click on “Next”.
  • The next option is to click on “Printer Sharing” and click on “Next”.
  • If you want to set your Brother printer as default, then click on “Set as the default printer” option.
  • After the successful setting of Brother Printer on Windows 10, you can check whether the device is working fine or not. You are ready to work with your printer if it is working fine. If not, you can contact the technical team to address this issue.

Steps to Setup Brother Wireless Printer on iPad

Before setting up your Brother wireless printer on an iPad, ensure that your device is having a good wireless internet connection to complete the given steps:

  • Download the Airprint app on your iPad and launch it for printing.
  • Tap the share icon of the application. This icon has a pointing arrow towards the vertical or left direction.
  • Select either the print option or the print icon from the drop-down menu. Make sure AirPrint supports limited applications. Besides, you can check the user manual to read more instructions, or you can visit Apple’s official website to obtain more information about AirPrint.
  • Choose or tap on the Select Printer option, and then you need to select the other option, which can be “Airprint-enabled printer”.
  • Choose the number of pages and copies you wish to print and ensure that it will perform the printing job well.
  • Now, find the “Print” option from the top right corner and take printing of any paper to ensure that your Brother printer is successfully added to your iPad.

Whether you have a laser printer or any other type of Brother wireless printer, the steps mentioned above are ideal for setting up the printer with an iPad or your personal computer.

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