How to Solve Ink Cartridge Problems? 

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How to Solve HP Ink Cartridge problems
How to Solve Ink Cartridge Problems?

Having Printer Cartridge Issues? Here are some typical issues with printer cartridges and our suggestions to resolve the issue. If these suggestions don’t work then please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you in resolving all the problems with printers.

Making Sure you install your Printer Cartridge Correctly

    • Ink cartridges are designed to last longer if they are not taken out of the protective wrapper until it’s in use.
    • The ink cartridge should be set up at least 30 minutes prior to use. This will allow the ink to be able to flow into the printer head, and also allow oxygen bubbles to be released and move away from the print head.
    • Make sure you’ve removed the strip of plastic from the cartridge.
    • Install the printing cartridges.
    • Run the head cleansing process at least once.
    • Print a test page to ensure that you are using the correct printing cartridges that are correctly installed and working in a proper manner.

The printing quality isn’t great.

    • Run the head cleansing process 2 to 3 times.
    • If this doesn’t work, please get in touch with us.

The ink cartridge isn’t being acknowledged

Make sure you’ve got rid of the thin plastic layer that covers the holes in the cartridge that vent. (the plastic is usually yellow in hue)

    • Disconnect the ink cartridge of the printer.
    • Switch off the printer for two minutes.
    • Turn on the printer, and then install your cartridge.
    •  Perform your clean head cycle.

The Prints are only on White Page

    • Make sure that tape is not removed from the printhead.
    • Air could be trapped in the cartridge. Check that the tape covering the printhead is removed.
    • Cover the cartridge with an absorbent towel and shake it gently.

White Lines and Streaks

The contacts on your printer may be dirty or worn out, or your printer head could be partially blocked. You can fix this problem:

    • Moisten a nonabrasive towel and gently wipe the printer’s contacts.
    • Do not touch contacts using your fingers.
    • In warm water, soak the printer for five minutes. Blot the printhead with a nonabrasive cloth. Reinstall the printer and run the cleaning cycle.

Leaking Cartridge

The reason that could be behind this could be that the pressure inside is not balanced. To remedy this:

    •  Place the rest cartridge (printhead in the downward direction) on a paper towel and allow the ink to settle.

Color Mixing / Cross Contamination

This could be due to one color bleeding into the next. To remedy this:

    •  Set the cartridge (printhead down) on a folded, dampened paper towel for five minutes.
    •  After that, you can insert it into your printer.

Print Quality is generally poor

It is most likely due to paper fibers or other debris that is accumulating on the carriage of the ink cartridge. To resolve this issue:

    • Refer to the manual of your printer’s user to perform regular cleaning cycles. We suggest running regular checkups on your printer to ensure top performance and prevent dust build-up.

Cartridge not Registering

For fixing this:

    • Check that the tape has been removed from the printhead.
    • Clean the printhead of your cartridge and the printer’s circuitry with a nonabrasive cloth ensuring that there is no dust.
    • Switch off the printer.
    • Unplug the power cord as well as other cables.
    • Wait 30 seconds.
    • Plug the cables and cords again.

Dell Cartridges with low ink or empty ink

It is frequent that Dell ink cartridges do not correctly display the ink levels. If your ink level is empty in your Printer Software, please ignore this message and follow the directions below to disable or reduce the warning dialog box (please be aware that this is only applicable with Dell M4640 and M4646 cartridges for ink):

    • On Windows XP. Choose Start.
    • Choose Printers and Faxes (or open the Control Panel and then select the Printers & Fax folder)
    • Choose the Dell printer.
    • Click File in the upper right corner and choose printing Preferences from the pull-down menu.
    • Select the Advanced Options Tab.
    • Click More Options.
    • Choose from the two options below.
        • Never display the status of the print.
        • Show the status of the printer at a minimum in the taskbar.
    •  Press OK, then close the windows.

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