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HP Wireless Printer Setup
HP Wireless Printer Setup

One of the best parts of HP printers is that they can easy to connect with your local network. All you need is a good internet speed to start your wireless printer setup, and in order to make the wireless connection between your system and printer, you need to use the HP Auto Wireless Connect tool. Also, you can consider the WPS method to connect your printer with your system that runs on Mac OS or Windows.

How to Get Your Computer/System Ready for the Wireless Connection?

Before preparing your computer for the wireless connection, make sure your printing machine is ready, and after that, keep your wireless HP printer settings to default. Other than this, you can install the HP smart app to prepare your device for the wireless connection.

How to Restore Your Printer to Default Settings?

Here are the steps to restore your HP printers to default settings.

  • If you are using a touchscreen HP printer, you need to first go to the “Restore Settings menu” or “Wireless menu” of your printer. The next step is to press the “Restore Network Defaults” button on your printer.
  • If you have an HP printer without touchscreen options, you need to push and hold the “Wireless” and “cancel” buttons for a few seconds and release these buttons when the power light begins to blink.
  • For Tango HP Printers, you need to press the “Wireless” button for five seconds and make sure this button is available at the back of your printer.
  • If you are using an HP laser printer, you can press and hold its “Wireless” button for a few seconds. After that, you can note that its attention light will start to blink, and you may need to restart your printer in order to complete the step.

How to Download and Install the HP Smart App?

  • Visit the official website of HP, and here you can find the “HP Smart App”.
  • After locating this, you can download the install application and place your HP device adjacent to your Wifi router.
  • The next step is to open the input tray and prepare it for paper sheets or place the paper sheets in it.
  • The next step is to close the input tray and switch your HP printer on.
  • Lastly, in your “HP Smart App”, you can type or tap the name of your printer.

What Are the Steps to Set Up an HP Wireless Printer on the Windows OS of Your Computer?

There are various ways to connect an HP wireless printer with your Windows OS. First, you can use the HP auto wireless connect tool to connect your HP device with a Windows-based operating system and desktop.

Another way is to set up your wireless printer with a USB and a personal network, or you can connect with your Wi-Fi-protected setup.

What Are the Steps to Use the HP Auto Wireless Connect Tool?

  • Download the HP printer software on your personal computer and complete the installation steps.
  • Click on the “Network Wireless/Ethernet” option, and on the drop-down menu, you can send My Wireless settings to the printer. By doing this step, you can inform the HP printer’s software, and it will automatically change or accept the new settings.

How to Connect Your HP Printer With the Wps (WI-FI Protected Setup)

  • One of the easiest methods to connect your HP printer to your system is the WPS method, and for this, you don’t need to type your Wi-Fi login credentials in your printer because the WPS mode is activated by pressing the “WPS” button on your printer.
  • If you want to begin the “WPS Push Button” mode, you can take assistance from your printer’s manual and read all instructions.
  • The next step is to press the “WPS” button and wait for a few seconds. Now, give the print command to check the print settings and quality.

How Can I Use the Wireless Setup Wizard for HP Printer?

  • Open the Control Panel of your HP printer and tap on the “Wireless” or “Network” menu.
  • Go to “Settings” and select the “Wireless Setup Wizard” option. When you choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option, you may see the list of available networks and click on the name of your network.
  • The next step is to enter your Wifi password to set up an HP printer wirelessly by using the Wireless Setup Wizard.

How to Setup a Wireless Connection Between Your Printer and Desktop With a USB Cable?

  • Ensure that you have a printer without a touchscreen.
  • The next step is to connect your computer and printer with your USB cable for a few minutes and disconnect this cable if the software asks you to do so.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your HP printer’s wireless connection.

How Do You Set Up an HP Wireless Printer on a Mac?

If you want to connect your HP wireless printer with a Mac, you need to first switch your HP device and place it near your desktop. You also need to ensure that your HP printing machine is on and working.

For Printers With Touchscreen:

  • Click on the “Network”, “Setup”, or “Wireless” menu on your computer.
  • After that, tap on the “Wireless Setup Wizard” and read the on-screen instructions.

For USB Connection

  • Connect the USB cable with your system and HP printer using the Mac OS.

If your HP printer doesn’t have a touchscreen display, you can follow the given steps:

  • Press and hold the “Wireless” button and let the wireless light blink.
  • Look for the “WPS” button on your WiFi router and click/push it.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above instructions will help you set up and operate your wireless HP printer with ease. Nonetheless, if you are facing any issue while connecting your HP printer with your Windows or Mac OS, you can connect with one of the experts at Printers Hut because we have an experienced technical team that can quickly help you resolve your issue and allows you to work with different HP models.

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