What is the Canon Printer Error 5100 and How Do I Fix It?

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What is the Canon Printer Error 5100 and How Do I Fix It
What is the Canon Printer Error 5100 and How Do I Fix It?

Canon printers are mostly used in schools, homes, and offices. However, you or many users may also find the 5100 message error in your printer models. To get rid of this issue, here are the detailed steps that you can follow to fix this error.

Remove or Replace a Fine Cartridge

The error 5100 mainly occurs in Canon MX430 printers, but that is not a big deal. For that, you need to check out the given solutions:

  • Turn off the printer and open the printer’s front cover. After that, open the output tray of the paper.
  • If you’ve opened the paper output tray, move the Fine cartridge into the replacement position. By doing this, the headcover will automatically open.
  • Remove the fine cartridge by pushing the ink cartridge lever down.
  • The next step is to carefully place a new ink cartridge and remove its protective material.
  • To install the new fine cartridge, you need to put it into the cartridge holder and push the lever of your ink cartridge to keep it in place.
  • Close the paper output cover and ensure that the fault has been resolved.

Adjust the Ink Cartridge Panel

  • While installing the Canon printer, you may observe that there is a small ink cartridge panel when the package of CMYK/BK Colors is placed.
  • The cartridge should be appropriately placed. Otherwise, a Canon Pixma printer 5100 error can appear. Nonetheless, the issue can solve by following the mentioned steps:
  1. Open your ink cartridge panel properly.
  2. Take all the colour packages out.
  3. Install these packages again but in an accurate way.
  4. During installation, the panel chamber of the printer should be tightly fitted.
  5. Perform a test to check whether the documents are printed or not.

After following the above steps, if the issue is not solved yet, you can discover the specified steps:

  • Turn off your machine and remove the cord of the printer.
  • Open the document tray, switch off the printer, and open the document cover.
  • Find the location of the jammed paper and set it out.
  • If you have already adjusted the position of the printer, open the lever by push, or you can either use your hands to open the transport and support the machine.
  • Pull the jammed paper out after opening the transport unit and while supporting the printer with your hand.
  • Close the transport unit of your printer.
  • The next step is to re-plug the machine after closing the unit.
  • After completing the above step, reload the paper and print your files/documents.

If the above solution is again not working for you, you can consider the following tips:

Clean the Encoder Strip

It is a printing strip that may be installed over the driver belt. This is the component that controls the printing process by changing the printing head’s location and speed. To avoid the Canon Printer Error 5100, you need to check the printing strip and use any soft fabric for proper cleaning. After that, install the printing strip again to address this error.

Set the Settings to Default to Reset the Printer

The other best way to get rid of the Canon Printer 5100 error is to reset the printer to its default settings. For this, you need to press the power button until the device doesn’t reset properly.

Here are the steps to reset the printer to default:

  • Reset your printer on a weekly basis.
  • Clean the printer from time to time.
  • Only use the recommended page size.
  • Place the assembly cover into its position.
  • Choose the ink cartridges as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above methods help you overcome your Canon printer 5100 error. However, if you are still having issues, you can contact our technical experts and get assistance 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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