Why Is My HP Printer Unable to Give Black Prints?

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Why Is My HP Printer Unable to Give Black Prints
Why Is My HP Printer Unable to Give Black Prints?

HP printers are popular due to their good printing quality and exciting offers which customers can get while taking services from the company. Right now, some people may use this printing brand in their offices or homes. But, how do you react if your printer stops working and is no longer printing in black color?

Are you using an HP OfficeJet 4620 printer or HP Printer 7520? If yes, you can find solutions below to fix your HP printer that is not printing black.

Solution 1: Avoid Cartridge Blockage

The reason for black ink not printing error can be a blockage that happens mainly in the head vent of your HP printer. Due to this problem, it would be challenging for your printer head to print in black or any other color. Yet, you may have heard that there is a solution to any problem, so on that note, you can follow the given instructions to fix this issue.

  • Turn On your HP printer
  • Open the cartridge panel of your HP printer’s and reset its print head
  • Remove the color unit as well as the print head
  • Clean the print head properly with water and let it dry with a smooth cloth
  • Once you’re done with the above procedure, you can place the print head with all accessories back into your HP printer
  • Perform a print job to know the printing quality with black ink and other colors.

Solution 2: Check the Ink Level of Cartridge

  • Switch On your printer
  • Open the hood of its cartridge panel
  • Remove the ink cartridges with an empty case and then change this cartridge by installing new ones
  • Check the printer screen and find (-) sign on the left corner
  • Use the directional arrow and check for the Tool option
  • Press the Ok button when you find the Tool option. After that, check the ink level of the cartridge and hit OK.

Solution 3: Use the Cleaning Tool that Regulates Itself

  • Use the printer screen again
  • Choose (-) sign and use the directional arrow to locate the Tool option
  • After finding the Tool option, Hit the OK button
  • Find the Print head cleaning option by using the right arrow, and this process can take a few seconds or minutes
  • After the automatic cleaning, you can get a test print automatically to ensure that the cleaning process gets completed

You can address the HP Printer not printing the black issue by following the above steps. However, if you are still having a detective test print, you can follow the given steps:

  • Get back to the Tool option and examine the test print quality
  • Use the directional arrow to gain the print quality report
  • After having the quality report, you are done with your job.

Additional Solution

What are the Steps to Repair the Defective Ink Cartridges and Alignment Process?

Defective cartridges can become one of the main reasons for your blank page printing problems. For this, the printer is unable to print in black color, which you can consider as not printing black issue in your HP printer. To get rid of this complication, follow the mentioned steps:

  • Turn On your HP printer.
  • Allow the cartridge to move to the middle by opening the printer panel.
  • To remove the ink units from the print head slots, gently press them out.
  • Check the expiration date of cartridges and replace them with new ones.
  • Close down the printer panel and check some information on your printer screen. The information can be based on paper loading, alignment demo, and color unit adjustment.
  • Press Ok to complete all the demo information.
  • The printer will begin the process of alignment by itself.
  • Perform a test print and place it on the scanner.
  • Information will appear on the printer’s screen, and you will need to press the OK button.
  • Align your printer completely


  • Install suggested HP cartridges.
  • Switch Off your printer to clean its print head manually.
  • Before installing a new cartridge, always remove the shielding strip
  • Take care of the ink cartridge nozzles. They should be free of any physical harm.
  • Before placing the cartridges into the slot, ensure that the size can fit properly.

Above, we have provided an effective remedy to eliminate the printer that doesn’t print the black even when the ink is full. In case of any other queries, you can get in touch with our team to receive customer support services for your printer troubles.

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