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Wireless setup of Canon Pixma MG3620

The Canon Pixma MG3620 is a printer that helps you print pictures and papers at your home. It’s like a magic machine that turns your words and images on a computer into real, touchable things you can keep. It’s very easy to use. What you need to do is just connect it to your computer or phone, and it’s ready to use anywhere. It’s like connecting your headphones – simple and quick. This Pixma Mg3620 allows you to print from your phone or tablet whatever you prefer to use. So, if you have a cool picture or an important document on your phone, you can make it real with this printer. This printer is not big or heavy, so you can easily find a good spot for it in your home. It’s not a troublemaker – it just quietly does its job. Canon printer setup is like putting together a puzzle with big, simple pieces. You don’t need to be a computer genius – just follow the easy steps in the manual, and soon you’ll be ready to start printing.

If you want to make some copies, this Pixma MG3620 is good for that too. Imagine you have a favorite drawing, and you want to give a copy to your friend. The Canon Pixma can do that for you. And the best thing is there is  no need to be a computer genius. The buttons on the printer are like the buttons on your TV remote – press a few, and it does what you want. So just relax now there’s no need to be scared of technology. As this printer is at your service to make your life more easier and hassle-free.

And the other best thing is that with this printer you can print on different types of paper. So, if you want a big photo, it can do that. If you need a bunch of pages for a school project, it can do that too. And if your printer is running out of ink, this MG3620 is smart – it tells you when it needs more ink, just like your phone tells you when it’s low on battery. You won’t be surprised in the middle of an important print job.

To begin the wireless printer setup process, make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on. Alright, let’s jump into the straightforward process:

1. Find Your Wi-Fi Button

To initiate the wireless setup for your Canon Pixma MG3620, the first step is to locate the Wi-Fi button on your printer. This button is super important for making your devices connect without any wires. Manufacturers put it in a smart spot so it’s easy for you to reach and use. Depending on the printer model, you may find it labelled as “WPS” or “Wireless,” or “represented by a small icon resembling the universal symbol for Wi-Fi”. Take a moment to inspect the top or front panel of your printer, where this key component is typically situated. To make it user-friendly, manufacturers usually place it on the top or front of the printer.

If you still have a doubt, consult the printer’s user manual for a precise location guide. Once you’ve identified the Wi-Fi button press and hold this button until you see the Wi-Fi indicator light start blinking.

2. Connect to Wi-Fi

Once you’ve successfully activated the wireless setup mode on your Canon Pixma, the next step is to establish a connection between your computer, smartphone, or tablet and the printer. Look for the Wi-Fi settings on your device. If you’re using a computer, then you can find it in the control panel of your system. For smartphones or tablets, check in the system preferences or settings app.

These are like the control centers of your device, where you can go and easily manage things on your own. Inside that menu or settings page, you’ll be able to see Wi-Fi options. Once you find the Wi-Fi section, you can choose a network, and enter a password if needed. So, just dig into these settings. Look for the available networks and find the one that matches your Canon printer’s name. It might have “MG3620” or a similar identifier. You just need to identify the correct network and then select it to connect your device to the printer.

3. Install Canon PRINT App (Optional)

For added convenience, consider installing the Canon PRINT app on your smartphone or tablet. With this app, on your phone or tablet you can do awesome things : print stuff and scan things. Imagine sending a picture from your phone to a printer, and suddenly, it’s on paper!

And one more benefit is that you can turn your device into a scanning machine, for capturing documents and pictures. It’s like having a mini office in your pocket all the time! For users with iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, the Canon PRINT app is available on the App Store. Users who are using an Android device, like a smartphone or tablet, are able to find the app on Google Play.  Simply just follow the instructions  reflecting on-screen to complete the installation.

4. Install Printer Drivers on Your Computer

While doing a canon printer setup on your computer, the installation of necessary drivers is a crucial step to ensure smooth communication between your computer and the printer.  Visit the Canon website and search for the Pixma MG3620 drivers. They have a friendly menu where you can pick your printer type. So, if you need a driver, just look for it there, click a few buttons, and you’re all set! It’s like a simple map to get your printer and computer talking to each other smoothly. Grab the drivers you need by downloading and installing them according to the system your computer is running. Follow the installation wizard, and you’ll be ready to print in no time.

5. Conduct A Test To Check Your Wireless Connection

After completing the setup process, the next very important step is to evaluate and verify the performance of your wireless connection. It is important to conduct this test to check various aspects such as signal strength, and data transfer speed. Try printing a test page or scanning a document to ensure that your devices are communicating with the printer seamlessly.

6. Set Default Printer

To streamline your printing experience, consider setting your Canon Pixma MG3620 as the default printer on your computer. This ensures that whenever you send a print job, it automatically goes to your wireless printer without the need to manually select it each time.

7. Enable Mobile Printing

If you’ve installed the Canon PRINT app on your smartphone or tablet, explore its features to enable mobile printing. This step ensures that printing photos and documents from your phone or tablet becomes easy and thus it will make your printing tasks simpler and more convenient.

8. Explore Additional Printer Features

Take a moment to explore the additional features of your Canon Pixma MG3620. This may include borderless printing, different print quality settings, or advanced scanning options. Get to know these features and therefore it will help you to use your printer to its fullest potential.

 9. Set Up Cloud Printing

For added flexibility, explore cloud printing options. Many modern printers, including the Canon Pixma MG3620, support cloud services like Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. Follow the printer’s manual or online guides to enable cloud printing, allowing you to print from anywhere with an internet connection.

10. Regular Maintenance

Ensure the longevity of your Canon Pixma MG3620 by performing regular maintenance tasks.  This means giving your printer a good clean, making sure the cartridges are aligned, and checking for any updates to its software. Keeping your printer in top-notch condition guarantees that it consistently prints high-quality stuff.

By doing these extra things, you’re not just getting the most out of your Canon Pixma MG3620, but you’re also making sure it prints well no matter what device you’re using or what you’re printing.

11. Security Check

As a final step, prioritize the security of your wireless printer. Set a strong password for the printer’s Wi-Fi network to prevent unauthorized access. Regularly update the printer’s firmware through the manufacturer’s website to patch any potential vulnerabilities.  By following these security steps, you make sure your printing space is safe and protected, keeping your personal and network information secure.

With the help of above-mentioned steps, you have successfully completed the Canon Pixma MG3620 wireless setup. Now, you are free to print without messy wires, making it super simple. With wireless, printing from your devices is easy and quick. So, enjoy the new flexibility and simplicity of wireless setup for your Pixma MG3620, making every printing job smooth and convenient.


You’re all set. Now, your Canon Pixma MG3620 is ready for wireless printing. Just say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy printing from your computer, phone, or tablet with ease. Remember to try out the cool features and keep everything secure with a strong password.

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