How to Resolve HP 60.02 Error?

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How to Resolve HP 60.02 Error?
How to Resolve HP 60.02 Error?

The HP 60.02 error occurs when you install the input tray incorrectly. Due to this error, you can even experience a loud noise before or while performing any printing job. One of the good solutions is to reinstall the input tray again. Otherwise, it can become challenging to get rid of this problem.

Other possible reasons for HP 60.02 error include improper functioning of the paper sensor and a broken sprint. Also, if the paper sheets get folded in the HP printer, you can get a 60.02 error in your device. Other than this, you can fix the damaged spring that is linked to the top of the lift motor and place your printing machine on a flat surface to avoid such errors.

How Can I Properly Reinstall the Paper Tray in the Input Tray?

  • Open the Paper Tray of your HP printer and remove all the sheets from it.
  • Ensure that it is placed on a clean surface.
  • Take the Input Tray out from the device and try to place the sheets again in the tray. Make sure the tray is inserted from the back of the machine.
  • If you are receiving an “Out of Paper” error on the printer screen, you need to align the back piece of the paper properly. After fixing this issue, insert the sheets and finally perform the printing job to fix this problem.

How to Reinstall the Spring on HP Printer?

  • On the right side of the printer, there is a cover that you need to open.
  • Check the lift motor and gently take the spring out, which is connected to the top of the motor.
  • You now need to fold one coil and put the spring back with the coil in the correct position.

Why Is It Important to Properly Set the Tray in the HP Printer?

If the input tray is not set in the printer, you can hear a disturbing noise every time you try to print any paper. It can even display the 60.02 error on the printer’s screen. Therefore, always install the paper correctly because if it is not installed in the right way, then the input tray can lift from the backside whenever you give any print command. To avoid this issue, you can insert a small spacer in the tray from the right corner because it can not only help you resolve the 60.02 error code but also help in reducing the noise that you may face while doing the printing job.

Important Note: Above given solutions are ideal for HP LaserJet 4515, 4250, 4700, and 4350 printers. You can even try the given tricks on the HP Printer P4015, M452dn, and M477FNW.

Apart from this, if you need more information on the 60.02 HP printer error code, you can contact the team at Printers Hut because we have technical experts who can fix your issue faster and ensure smooth functioning of your printer.

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