How to Resolve the HP Printer Alignment Error ?

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How to Resolve the HP Printer Alignment Error ?
How to Resolve the HP Printer Alignment Error ?

Are you experiencing alignment errors in your HP printer? The “HP printer alignment failed” error occurs on the screen when you don’t align cartridges or printheads carefully in an HP inkjet printer or other HP printers.

However, you can easy to fix such errors by replacing the ink cartridges with HP original ink cartridges.

What Will Happen When You Don’t Align the Cartridges in a Proper Way?

If you’ve aligned the cartridges in an incorrect manner, then indeed, your HP device doesn’t print anything on your pages.

It means you will get blank pages, or there will be no printed output given by your HP printer.

Moreover, a dirty printhead can also be the reason for your printer displaying problems.

Make sure the input tray and the nozzle of a print head are clean. Otherwise, it would be challenging for you to operate your printer and get good quality printing results.

What Are the Steps to Fix the HP Printer Alignment Failed Errors?

Reset Your HP Printer

In order to eliminate the HP printer alignment failed error, it is necessary to reset your device because it can help you avoid printer failures and restore your printer to original settings.

Before resetting your HP printer, don’t forget to remove its battery, especially the rechargeable one.

Also, you should disconnect the power cord from the printer and other sources for at least 60 seconds.

After that, you can reconnect the power cord again to the printer and a wall outlet to fix this issue.

Manually Clean a Removable Printhead

As discussed above, the dirty printhead of your HP printer can be one of the biggest reasons for alignment failures.

Thus, it is crucial to clean the printhead of your device carefully, mainly if you want to ensure the smooth functioning and printing of your blank pages.

For printhead cleaning, you will need a dry cloth, spare plastic container, warm water with paper towels to ensure that the printer and nozzles are dust-free.

After the successful cleaning of a print head, take the cartridges out of your printer and let them rest for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also remove the excessive ink if available on both sides of the printhead and then restart your device again to confirm whether the HP printer is working or not.

Check Ink Levels and Replace Empty or Low Cartridges

Low ink levels can become the reason for poor quality printing, or it can give alignment failed errors.

That’s why HP always recommends genuine cartridges and those cartridges that have sufficient ink levels.

To check the estimated ink level, you can use the HP smart app because it displays the ink levels on the home screen and lets you know that it’s time to refill the empty tank.

Replace Your HP Product

If your HP product is giving severe issues and alignment failure is one of them, you can contact Printers Hut customer support to fix your problem.

You can even replace your product under its warranty because repair fees may apply to out-of-warranty products.

All the best!

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