How to Resolve a Paper Jam Error in the Brother Printer?

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How to Resolve a Paper Jam Error in the Brother Printer?
How to Resolve a Paper Jam Error in the Brother Printer?

Due to the usage of incorrect printing paper, you can receive paper jam issues in your Brother printer. Other reasons for this paper jam error include the use of poor quality cartridges, damaged printer rollers, and incorrect loading of paper.

Besides, if you don’t know how to install printing paper in the input tray, you can easily face this type of issue in the Brother printer.

Yet, there is no need to panic. Below, we have given one of the best solutions to resolve a paper jam error that you can check to fix your Brother printer.

How Do I Get Rid of the Message “Paper Jam” on the Screen?

Restart Your Printer

To avoid paper jam errors, you can restart your printer and let the device cool for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

After that, check for any pieces around your printer and press the “clear” button on your device.

After the successful completion of this step, you can turn on your printer again.

Clear the Toner Cartridge

If your device is off and doesn’t produce any heat, it means some pieces get stuck in the toner cartridge and drum unit of your Brother printer.

In order to clear the jammed paper, you should first turn the device off.

After that, you should allow the internal parts to cool down and then remove the top cover of the device to examine the papers that are jammed in your machine.

Make sure the toner cartridge should not be damaged. Thus, always place and remove the parts with caution, and don’t forget to click on the “clear” button as it helps you to clean the memory of your printer.

Ensure That the Paper Is Installed Correctly in the Input Tray

If you have installed the paper incorrectly in the input tray, it can give you paper jamming issues.

Therefore, always use the accurate size and weight of the paper. Also, you can check the paper length guide or any instructions that maybe given on any side of the tray.

Other than this, always use good quality papers to make your printing job easier, and it allows you to fix your problem with ease.


If you have read our article carefully, you may know the reasons for your paper jam errors.

Also, you are familiar now with how to stop the Brother printer paper from jamming.

However, if you are still facing problems while working with your Brother printer, you can talk with one of the best experts at Printers Hut to address any kind of printer-related glitches.

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