If Your Brother Printer Is Offline or At Pause: How To Set It Right?

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If Your Brother Printer Is Offline or At Pause- How To Set It Right
If Your Brother Printer Is Offline or At Pause: How To Set It Right?

Whether you are managing a business, or working in a good organization, you might have installed a desktop or a laptop & a printer. There are some minor faults that may occur in your electronics, for example, the LCD display screen of the printer is blank. This shows that your Brother Printer is offline.  You should, and you must be in a position to set it right and put into the working order yourself. This is because it is not a big fault that requires you to take the   printer to a technician for repairs.

A desktop or a laptop and a printer have acquired a top priority not only for businesses & working people, but also for the students. Having a printer at the workplace or home provides great convenience to the user from the comfort of the premises, but only if it’s working smoothly.

Installing a Printer with your Desktop or Laptop may or may not be a consideration for cutting down or saving on expanses. It is essentially a step that takes you to efficiency and helps in optimizing your work output. When your equipment runs out of working condition, then the situation turns tables and instead of providing convenience, becomes troublesome and awkward.

Furnishing your work place with the latest electronic machines is not a matter of just fashion or luxury.  But now, equipping yourself with all such essential gadgets and tools that could save your time on frequent visits to a service provider has become a necessity. The most important of all are Desktops, Laptops and Printers.

On the other hand, consider any of these machines runs out of order every now and then. Obviously, unless there is a major fault, no one would afford to take the equipment to the service provider.

Your Brother Printer Goes Offline Frequently – Reasons

 If the LCD screen of the printer shows blank, then your printer is offline. Technically, the printer is on a sleeping mode. If it does not come back to working order, then the first step you need to take is to identify the reason.

  • Read the message on the LCD screen. Usually, when a printer does not work for some manual error, the error is displayed on the LCD screen. Try to rectify the error.
  • One reason could be, the printer has not been plugged properly.

    Solutions From The Printers Hut

    1.Reason of Sleeping Mode

  • After you have read the error message on the display LCD screen, try to mend it, if you know how to mend it. For example, the message is about a paper jam. You can mend this issue very comfortably without any help of a technician. Simply remove the paper tray. Then clear the jammed paper very gently so that it does not get torn inside the printer.
  • Similarly, check if there is some other minor issue.
    2. Power Supply
  • See that the On/Off button of the printer is on. Also check the power supply switch.
  • If the problem is not solved, then ascertain that the power plug has been inserted properly. Try to push all the plugs gently.
  • Also see that the cable or lead has been plugged into a socket that is in a working order. Also try to plug the machine into a different socket.
    3.Computer – Printer Connectivity
  • Try to take out a print out of the Network Configuration. Check the IP address.
  • Another issue could be that the printer has not been properly connected to the computer.
  • If you have connected the two devices via a hub, then remove the hub. Instead, connect the printer directly to the computer.
  • If you’re using a USB cable, ascertain that the points of the cable have been inserted into working ports. Try to change the ports and wait for a few minutes.
  • If that does not work, then try to replace the USB cable, if you have an extra cable.
  • Similarly, if you’re using an Ethernet cable, ascertain that the printer has been connected properly with the Router, Switch or Hub.
  • Similarly, if you are using a wireless device, check the IP address.4. Brother Printer Must Be Set Out As A Default Printer

Another issue could be that the settings have been disturbed and the Brother printer is not set as a default printer. Follow these steps to mend this fault.

  • If you’re using Windows (8 and higher versions), open the C panel
  • Click the icon of “Hardware & Sound”
  • Move to the icon of devices / printer
  • Ascertain that the tick mark is on the Brother printer. If it’s not, then right click the Brother printer mark under the Default Printer settings.5. Stop Printing Command

After you have set Brother printer as your default printer, then stop the printing task. Follow these steps.

  • In the same area of the C Panel, find out “Brother Printer” icon
  • Right-click it
  • Under the Print area, click “Cancel All Documents”
  • If “Cancel All Document” is appearing in grey tone, , then move to “Properties”
  • Click “Open As Administrator”
  • Enter your Administrator’s password
  • Click “Yes”
  • Right-click the icon for your Brother machine > See what’s printing PrinterUse Printer Offline
    & remove the checkmark from the Offline settings.
  • Similarly, check if the printer’s status is “Pause Printing”
  • Remove the tick mark from the “Pause Printing”
  • If the Pause Printing text is appearing in grey, then go to the properties and move to the “Open As Administrator”. Enter the password and click “Yes”.6. Delete Duplicate Actions

There is also a possibility that you might have created duplicate actions about your printer. If there are multiple actions, then normally it’s indicated as Copy 1, Copy 2 and so on. Delete them and retain only original action.

  • Check that you have not installed the “Brother Driver” more than once.
  • Check that you have not connected the Brother printer to any other USB port

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