Why is My Canon Printer not Working?

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Why is My Canon Printer not Working?
Why is My Canon Printer not Working?

There can be times when your canon printer doesn’t support your computer and shows the “not printing error”. Are you facing this problem and trying to find solutions for the same? What actions can you take to get your canon printer back to printing seamlessly? In this blog, we have discussed the common reasons behind your “canon printer not printing?” There are many causes due to which you may face this problem with your canon printer. We have explained the possible solutions that can work out for you.

What are the Major Causes for Canon Printers not Printing?

  • All the networks are unable to view your printer in the specified range. 
  •  Too many printers in the same network can create a network jam, hence causing this error.
  • The cartridge vents may be causing this error.
  •  Your printer may not be able to find a secured connection with the Wi-Fi.
  • Fluctuations in the power supply can also be a reason.
  •  Paper jams can interrupt the printing process of your canon printer.
  •  The app for printing may not be synchronised with the printer.
  • Your printer may need maintenance and service.
  •  The size of the paper may not be correct for printing.
  •  Canon printers do not work with old version software, so you need to update the software from time to time.
  •  The drivers of the printers may not be updated.
  •  The spooler service of your printer maybe turned off.
  • The port service of your printer can also cause this error.
  •  The network key or the passphrase may be causing this issue.

Now that we have discussed the reason for “Canon Printer not printing”, let us discuss what can be done to solve this problem;

  •  When too many systems are connected to the same network, it causes a network jam and may hinder the printing process.
  • If the Canon printer is not set as a your default printer then this may also cause this error.
  •  Mac, windows, iPad need updates in printing options from time to time to print documents and media. This can cause an issue with the network key or the passphrase in the network.
  •  The printing app on your device may not be synchronised, so make sure to sync it with your canon printer.
  •  Make sure the power supply is not fluctuating to avoid the printing error of your printer.
  •  The rim of your printer should be cleared so that the paper can smoothly be pulled into your printer.
  • The drivers must be updated to the latest version for the good performance of the printer.
  • The drivers that are being used in that printer should be correctly installed. If there is a problem then reinstall the correct drivers.
  • Make sure that there is no connectivity issue with your printer.

 How to use the option of troubleshooting in Canon Printer?

Every computer device comes with an option for troubleshooting. Its purpose is to solve any error in the device and can be used in your printer for “not printing” issue when your Canon Printer is not being responsive. The option is there in the control panel of your computer device. If you want your printer to start working again then try this method.

Following are the steps to start the troubleshoot option;

  • First, open the “control panel” on your computer device.
  • Then, click the “devices and printers” option.
  • By clicking on “add another printer” add your Canon printer.
  • Now, press the “printer” option.
  • Find the “troubleshoot” option and then click on it.

Then your troubleshoot option will be on run and will try to find the errors and recommend the fixes. When it will give you the fixes option, you can choose one of the options. After this, the problem of the printer, not printing should be resolved and should stop happening.


The Canon Printers are advanced devices and are user friendly with devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops. Sometimes you may face a little difficulty connecting them with your devices. But we hope this article helps you and resolves all your queries.


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