Steps to Bypass Ink Cartridges on Epson Printer

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Steps to Bypass Ink Cartridges on Epson Printer
Steps to Bypass Ink Cartridges on Epson Printer

If your printer is unable to print anything, you need to understand that the toner cartridge has low ink. At this point, it is essential to replace the old cartridges with new ones. In order to bypass ink cartridges, first of all, place the ink holder in its accurate position, and don’t forget to shake the cartridges after removing them from the printer. On the other hand, if you want to know the way to replace/bypass ink cartridges on an Epson printer, you can check out the given steps:

1. Bypass the ink cartridge

  • Open the lid or cover of the printer to press the “ink” button
  • If the ink holder contains the empty cartridges, you need to move its position first and then close the ink
  • Close the printer cover to begin the printing process again.

Make sure the above steps are suitable for those printer models that don’t come with a microchip because the purpose of a microchip is to send an error message when ink gets low. Due to this, your printer can turn off and make it difficult for you to print anything.

2. Shake the ink cartridges

Below, we have mentioned some steps that you can follow to shake the ink cartridges well.

  • Even if the printer is on, you need to open its cover.
  • Wait until the carriage has completely stopped going back and forth.
  • To pull out the printing cartridges, press the tabs at the end of each cartridge.
  • In order to shut down the printer completely, turn off the Epson device.
  • Take the power cord out from the power source.
  • Reset the printer’s memory.
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer and shake them. This will ensure that the ink is evenly distributed throughout the cartridge.
  • Replace the printer’s cartridges. Plug in the printer’s power cord to the main supply to turn on your device.

3. Resetting the Cartridges

  • Remove all the cartridges from the printer carefully.
  • Verify the copper contacts.
  • Find a button at the center of the contacts to reset the cartridges.
  • Use the tip of a paper clip to press the reset button.
  • After resetting the cartridges, ensure that they are placed in their original position.
  • When your printer accepts the new cartridges, you can freely print with your old cartridges.

Wrapping Up

As discussed above, the low level of ink can be the reason why you are unable to print anything on your paper. However, there are various methods that you can consider to bypass the ink cartridges on your Epson device and shake the ink evenly to distribute it with ease.

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