Missing Lines Issue in the HP Printer While Printing

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Missing Lines Issue in the HP Printer While Printing
Missing Lines Issue in the HP Printer While Printing

The dried-up ink nozzle can be the reason for your HP printer missing lines, or there can be multiple reasons that you can check out below:

  • If the printer has one or more nozzles and there is a blockage issue found in nozzles, the ink doesn’t flow smoothly on the printing paper.
  • The ink color may empty in the tank, and due to this, you can see blank spaces on your paper.
  • The color mixing is another cause of this error. It is possible that the nozzle may make direct contact with the plastic cove, resulting in color mixing.
  • The printhead of your printer is not properly aligned with your device.
  • Check the paper thickness in your printer’s settings that may be entered incorrectly.

Steps to Fix the HP Printer Missing Lines Error

Here are the steps to resolve the HP printer missing lines error.

1. Clean the Metal Contacts

To avoid the missing lines, you can clean the copper-colored contacts in your device. For this, you need to open the cartridge door to remove the cartridges. Make sure the face of the nozzle should be upward to keep the cartridges on a dry surface. After that, take a lint-free piece of cloth and dip this cloth in the distilled water to clean the copper contacts. You also need to clean the contacts in the carriage and dry them before inserting them back into the printer. Once you’ve done all these steps successfully, you can easy to shut the door of the cartridges. The last step is to take the print test to check whether the printing quality is fine or not.

Remove the Black Cartridge

The steps to remove the black cartridge are given below:

  • Open the access door and remove the black ink cartridge from your device.
  • For accessing the door, you need to close the lid and keep the cartridge on a paper sheet, but the nozzle direction should be upwards.
  • After following the above step, you need to leave the cartridge in the same position for at least two to three hours and then insert it back to perform the printing test or job.

2. Leverage the Clean Print Cartridge Tool

To use the clean print cartridge tool, you must follow the below steps:

  • Connect your HP printer with the system to turn it on.
  • Go to the “Start” menu and then “Control Panel”.
  • Select the “Devices and Printers” option. In this option, you can see the list of all connected printers.
  • Select the “Printing Preferences” option and click on the icon of your HP printer.
  • Right-click on the “Services” tab.
  • Choose the “Service this Device” to open the “Printer Toolbox”.
  • Select the Print Cartridge in the “Device Services” section.
  • Click on the “Click the Print Cartridge, and the new dialogue box will appear on the screen.

3. Remove the Ink Cartridges

The best way to fix the missing lines error is to replace your printer’s ink cartridges, as they can be expanded or damaged when you use them for longer. Yet, there is no need to worry. Below, we have provided some steps that you can follow to remove the ink cartridges.

  • Open the access door of your printer.
  • Remove the old cartridges from the HP device with care.
  • Take the new ink cartridges out from the packaging.
  • Remove plastic packing using the pink tape.
  • Put the new cartridges into their slot.
  • After inserting the cartridges properly, you may hear a “snap” sound, and then you may need to close the lid of the access door of your ink cartridge.

Take out a sample print job to ensure that there are no more errors in your HP printer.

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